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----Manuel Giron

Immigration Consultant

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Bond # 3402518 expires 8/21/2021

Tatianna M. Giron, Agent for Service of Process

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Immigration document preparation fees

USCIS/NVC fees are excluded. They're paid directly to the government agencies. We don't collect filing fees  

Prices subject to change without prior notice.

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Regular Petition (at least 5 yrs. resident): $350

Based on 3-year marriage: $500

N-400 Filing fee:  $640

Biometric fee:  $85

Total:  $725

How long?

8-9 months

Spouse/Other Relative Petition


I-130 Filing fee;  $535

I-485:  $1,140

Biometric fee: $85

Total:  $1,760

How long?

Petitioner:  US citizen 

Applicant in the US:  10-13 months

Applicant abroad: 11-17 months

Fiance/Fiancee Petition


K Visa Filing fee:  $535

How long?

Approximately 13 months

Adjustment of Status


I-485 Filing fee;  $1,140

Biometric fee:  $85

Total:  $1,225


of Green Card


I-90 Filing fee:  $455

Biometric fee:  $85

Total:  $540

Removal of Condition

on Green Card


I-751 Filing fee: $595

Biometric fee:  $85

Total:  $680

Affidavit of Support


FREE I-864

Re-entry Permit


I-131 Filing fee:  $575

Biometric fee;  $85

Total:  $660

Extension of Tourist Visa


I-539 Filing fee:  $375

Biometric fee;:  $85

Total:  $460